Blog Migration

( Title: Signal & Noise, length: 5:01, Published: Jan, 15, 2013, Credits: Produced For by Zack Arias )

Move on, back & forward
Many ideas to share, not enough time post. I am glad that my life and current state of my career is busier then ever before. I love doing what I do and hope to keep on producing images and send them out there for you to enjoy. With January on its way it is a good time to change and tweak my workflow: focus more on creating and less on shameless self promotion.

‘Signal vs. Noise’
In September 2012 I attended the “Personal Projects” workshop by Zack Arias in NYC. What he told there resonates in the months after. Mr. Arias, a photographer from Atlanta, GA, shared his opinion on how important it is to spend time on personal projects. Sounds great, but how? This is something that I am struggling with for the past months. Perhaps the recent post by @zarias is a hint in the right direction. He produced the mesmerizing video on top of this post that teaching us a little about the importance of focusing on ‘signal’ rather then on ‘noise’.

Time for action
I came to the conclusion that it is time to ditch some of my earlier playful social media attempts and focus on a much more efficient workflow. From now on the best spots to follow what I am up to are, Twitter, WHYY’s NewsWorks and good old Flickr.

My own site hosts a growing collection of editorial, commercial and creative photography. The underlaying engine offers what I believe are the best professional tool in the industry for delivering photos to clients. If you are interested I would be happy to give you a hands on tour of what Photoshelter can do for you.

Old love does not rusts
For the more personal sharing I reconnected with an old love; My first post on Flickr is from February 2005, now almost eight years ago. It is a cellphone photo from my cat watching closely a ‘big cat’ show on the tele.

When my pro account expired some years ago I searched for a better spot to share and connect. I looked everywhere but did not find what I was looking for. Besides that, a lot of what I do today is because of Flickr. With recent workflow changes I hope to post more personal images more frequent to my Flickr photostream.

The following blogs, sites and webspaces will be maintained for archival purposes only: instagram, Google+, Twylah, and Tumblr blog one and blog two

Hope to connect with you elsewhere or IRL – Bas Slabbers