Fireworks seen aboard Battleship New Jersey


Fireworks seen aboard Battleship New Jersey by Bastiaan Slabbers
Battleship New Jersey (BB-62), Camden Waterfront, Camden, NJ USA

The fireworks light up the sky above the Delaware River shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Saturday. Both Philadelphia and Camden waterfronts gave a great vantage points to see the show.

The Fourth of July week continued with a large fireworks display on Saturday night on the Camden/Philadelphia waterfronts. The event was part of the Camden Waterfront Freedom Festival and the Welcome America events.

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And here is the same moment as uploaded from location to the Instagram account of WHYY’s NewsWorks.

Check the New Jersey page of WHYY’s for my video of this exclusive vantage point

More photos of the inside of the USS New Jersey (BB-62) in this May 22, 2012 article for WHYY’s NewsWorks by Jana Shea