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Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n Roll. That is what I want to capture. Not your Instagram perfect show, Mr. Eminem. Lamar, the Killers, Arctic Monkeys (and others who restricted photogs from documenting in favor of fan-selfies.) Glad to find that some artist still have blood, sweat and tears that are real! Here is the round up of the fourth and final day of my #FireFly2018 coverage for @SipaUSA. (For more pics check the link in my bio). Hope to see you next year @fireflymusicfestival! #photojournalism #nofilterneeded #streetphotography #documentary #rockandroll #concertphotography #freeelance #instadaily #instagood #instamood #reportage #everydayeverywhere #everydayusa #follow #igers_delaware #fstoppers #photooftheday #instagood #instadaily #followme #iglobal_photographers #ig_great_pics #ig_myshot #shotwithlove #justgoshoot #picoftheday #NikonD500 #Nikonlove #firefly #fireflyfestival #PhillyPhotographer

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IG OF THE DAY (June 10TH, 2018)

Larger then ever before in its thirty year history. At many spots along the route five to eight deep came out in support of the cities LGTBQ community, during the annual Philly Pride Parade, on June 10, 2018, in Philadelphia, PA. Not without protest Moments before the bikes, floats and groups should go by Philadelphia Police officers make an arrest as an unidentifiable masked person attempted to pit a black and blue colored American flag. While the single protestor emerged from the crowd the incident seems unrelated but rather aimed at the Police. At an other protest, near the end of the parade, a large group of people gathers to counter protest a man and his following who is seen to protest at many larger gatherings in (and around) The city. The man, who goes by the name of Pastor Aden Rusfeldt and the group of mostly family members packed up shortly after 2pm to make it to an other large event, the Odunde festival, elsewhere in the city. (photos for @WHYYnews)

Een bericht gedeeld door Bastiaan Slabbers (@bastiaan_slabbers) op