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IG OF THE DAY (July 8TH, 2017)

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Patriotic Activist rally in Opposition of Rumored Antifa protest


Patriotic activist, including Sons of the Confederate Veterans and Real 3% Risen staged multiple free speech rallies opposing a rumored anti-fascist confederate flag burning during the 154th anniversary of the historic Civil War battle at Gettysburg National Military Park, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on July 1st, 2017.

( Image license available through NurPhoto and Getty Images )

Protesting Trump, one costume at the time

Protesting Trump, one costume at time timeYou might have seen one or more of them if you payed attention to recent rallies on the East Coast. Demonstrators or supporters donning hand-crafted or store-bought attire to mock or support the current political climate and the Trump-Presidency.

Over the past months I captured a collection of themed costumes and met the people expressing their opinion through the clothes and costumes they wear. Images in this collection were captured at various East Coast anti- and pro-Trump rallies and protests.

Some of the characters featured here are captured at multiple events, like Philly activist Mike Hisey and NYC performance artist Elliot Crown.

Click through the slideshow above to see this growing collection of images from newest to oldest.