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Cross Lighting Countered with Anti-KKK Protest in Rural Southern Lancaster County, PA

At a anti-KKK rally hundreds of activist, clergy and community members gather on the steps of the Courthouse of Lancaster, PA, on May 20, 2017. The NAACP sponsored rally to protest plans of a cross lighting of a Maryland based Ku Klux Klan chapter on a private farm nearby QuarryVille, in rural Lancaster County of Pennsylvania.

The fact that the self-described family event would take place on a remote and private farm didn’t stop some activist to seek confrontation. Following the rally local activist Carter Farmer leads a caravan over small backcountry roads in an attempt to find signs of the highly controversial event. The caravan was closely watched by locals as it drove passed as well as an unidentified individual who trailed it for some time.

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Early Spring Sunset over Philly Skyline

Exploring the color pallet of Center City Philadelphia’s Skyline with a little help of an early spring sunset casting some vibrant hues.

Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love – Growing collection of strong imagery for editorial & creative purposes at iStockPhoto.com by GettyImages