Manayunk Wall Bike Race

TD Bank International Cycling Championship, Philadelphia PA, USA – June 5th 2011;

Slideshow with all 650 images shot this day and ‘freeze-framed’ for a second on the selected best images.

Besides an unique race-perspective this 4 minute video gives an unique insight in how work as a photographer. What subjects do I focus on, how do I frame and what images do I have to take to get to the final images that made it into the final story as a photo-essay part of the story “Rasmussen sprints to victory…” published by WHYY’s

The slideshow starts at Lyceum St on top of ‘Manayunk Wall’ as various amateur riders struggle to concur the 17% steep hill. Crowds get larger, music swells on and sound effects kick in at the moment the first professional riders show up. In the next minutes of this video I ride along with Team Dunbury Audi to the finish in center city Philadelphia. A riders from this team – Jennifer Purcel – finishes on the podium with a 3rd place. In the following round I follow the riders from the back of a motorbike for what will be my photo-moto ‘maiden’ trip. The day ends in HTC-Highroad’s third win in a row with a record time for this 159mile race in 5:59:04 by Alex Rasmussen from Denmark.

As an experiment I shot this event in two batches one in RAW and those are the images this slideshow is made from, no single image I shot with my two bodies was left out. The other batch was uploaded live during the day to a specific server location. The moment I knew I had a ‘money shot’ I selected it to transfer directly via wifi and 3G. You will see many of these shots are in this showreel as the ‘freeze-frames’ Directly after the race I made a HQ edit from the RAW files to be published as the photo-essay.

Music is ‘Out of the race and Onto the Track’ by NYC dance-punk band the Rapture