Workflow tool that delivers

One of the biggest headache for every photojournalist is file delivery on the fly. Valuing any clients request while hustling the stress in the field is a recipe for files gone missing in action.

Today I played around with a new promising tool by Photoshelter named FileFlow. It’s a simple but effective app that delivers images directly to a clients mobile device. 

Over the years I have build my archive of client work and stock photos. All stored safe and secure and searchable at To manage all these files AND to make them accessible to clients is a task my site at Photoshelter does well and now the FileFlow app gives clients quick and easy access to the files in my archive – Download FileFlow here and get access to your photo archive.

The OneStopShop functionality is what I love most of Photoshelter. In the field I often shoot and ftp my image files directly to my site. From there I typically add IPTC stuff and transfer the Selects to the client server.

A tool I frequently use in combination with Photoshelter to transfer files is ShutterSnitch but its capabilities to add/edit metadata are very limited. ShutterSnitch is great for sending pics from phone to FTP or share folder but Dropbox/Google Drive also lacks in-app metadata editing on the fly and that drives this photog crazy….

In Photoshelter’s backend it’s easy to cull, edit, publish and share and — most important of all — manage my files and clients access and download rights. And a point I am sure editors dealing with large daily productions appreciate: #FileFlow cleans the clutter and delivers to the client what matters most: SPEED… (And I can take care of everything else in Photoshelter’s solid backend).

Connect now to speed up your file delivery with #FileFlow and let me set up your photo archive access!