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IG OF THE DAY (May 25, 2020)

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Tomorrow marks my tenth #USAnniversary. Exactly one decade ago a heavily armed Border Patrol officer welcomed me with a stern “Welcome to the United States, Sir”. Moments earlier, I was taken aside for more thorough inspection. A small delay in the year-long wait to finally join my new bride. She was waiting for me underneath the words at Arrivals that highlights parts of the text of the Declaration of Independence. The Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness quote stands out. Years later, I photographed several elected officials gathered under the same words. They had organized a protest of the first (of many) discriminatory immigration policies put forth by the current administration and the NYTimes published the picture I took of that event. While the American Dream isn’t my culture I am grateful for the chance to pursue my dreams here of a family of my own and a career in photojournalism.

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