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Leading up to Phila Public Schools Closings [Photo Essay]

On June 21, 2013 a number of Public Schools in the School District of Philadelphia will close it’s doors for good. The Facilities Master Plan by the School Reform Committee advices closure for 23 local schools in its district. This photo essay shows efforts of parents, students and educators in the days, months and years leading to the final closure…

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CenterCity Building Collapse leaves 6 dead, 14 injured (PHOTOS)

Center City Philadelphia Collapse leaves 3 dead, 13 injured
Firefighters and rescue workers of the Philadelphia Fire Department walk over remains rumble after a building collapsed.

Six die and more then a dozen are injured as result of a building collapse in center city Philadelphia.

Clothing and other merchandize is seen hanging on racks in the window of the Salvation Army Thrift Store on the corner of 22nd & Market St in Philadelphia.

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Exploring Urban Philadelphia’s Changing Face

Urban Exploration
 – Growing collection of images depicting development projects in and around Philadelphia, PA.
Most images in this slideshow are previously published as part of the NW Philly coverage of WHYY’s NewsWorks.org & PlanPhilly.org. The photos in this growing collection are shot over the past years in and around Philadelphia, PA.
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Hop on over to PetaPixel for more on ‘roof topping’, ‘underbelly photography’ and other forms that might be considered dangerous to public safety.

By Michael Zang – March 20, 2013: National Counterterrorism Center: Urban Exploration Photos Pose Security Risk

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