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Leading up to Phila Public Schools Closings [Photo Essay]

On June 21, 2013 a number of Public Schools in the School District of Philadelphia will close it’s doors for good. The Facilities Master Plan by the School Reform Committee advices closure for 23 local schools in its district. This photo essay shows efforts of parents, students and educators in the days, months and years leading to the final closure…

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A NW Philly barber is witness to changing times over his 60 years at the chair

Don Murphy's Barbershop
On a weekday morning at the little barbershop in the heart of
Mt. Airy, barber Don Murphy cuts the hair of Gordon Conwell.
Conwell has come to Murphy’s for more than 50 years.
(Processed version of the original. Click the images to read the
story and see the rest of the photos in this series of 14 published
on WHYY’s NewsWorks.org)